About us

At Macro Neo, we not only offer semiconductors and electronic components, but also undertake manufacturing projects in every process from circuit design, circuit board design and manufacturing, component mounting, housing processing, wire harness processing and assembly to the entire process, handling all processes from companies and Procurement projects, prototype projects, low-volume manufacturing projects, and volume production projects for government agency clients, and focus on developing and delivering new services beyond sales.

We leverage our extensive network of purchasing agents, EMS support, customer product introductions, customer connections, etc., to build system integrations, address customer requirements, and direct all electronic components of our main business to you.

We handle a wide variety of electronic components, from passive components such as capacitors to semiconductor components such as ICs, LSIs and LEDs, as well as circuit boards and mechanical components. 

If you encounter the following troubles

*The delivery time I want to order took 2-3 months!
*I want to get it, but the device is discontinued!
*When I tried to buy, the minimum quantity was too large, I didn't need that much!
*I need to complete the purchase of the BOM table. There are too many product models to be purchased. The supply of each supplier is inconsistent. It is complicated to place an order and pay for the purchase, which is troublesome!

From now on, let Macro NEO help you solve it!
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