Privacy notice

We would like to explain our privacy protection as follows.

1. Purpose of use of personal information
We will acquire and use personal information in the following items within the scope of the purpose of use.(*Includes personal information obtained through indirect writing.)

(1) Member information
Member information includes name, login information, email address, contact information such as phone number and address, purchase history, web access history and other services including messaging, payment and authentication information.

・ Product quotation, reservation, purchase, delivery, return, exchange, repair
・ Member management
・ Provide information on new products and services (e-mail magazine, DM, send information)
・ Seminar attendance management
・ Provide university cooperative delivery service
・Market analysis and statistical research
・Product development and improvement
・Service development and improvement

(2) Orderer information includes contact information such as name, email address, telephone number and address, shipping address information other than the orderer, consumer information and products ordered, including usage, payment and authentication information. The questioner's information includes contact information such as name, email address and telephone number and address.

・ Product evaluation, reservation, purchase, delivery, return, exchange, repair
・Order product arrangement
・Procurement of ordered goods from outside Japan (relationship with outside Japan in accordance with regulations such as export restrictions in relevant countries) (provided to institutions and our suppliers)
・Provide information about new products and services (send email newsletters, DMs and information)
・Answer inquiries about products and services
・Development and product market analysis and statistical surveys to improve developed services to improve

(3) For our employees, recruitment applicant information, recruitment management, recruitment options

(1) and (2) are used for the purposes of use described above, and our subsidiaries, affiliates, businesses, we may provide it to contractors, suppliers, and partners (including outside of Japan: the United States and EU member states).

 2. Regarding personal information that needs to be disclosed

(1) Trade name


(2) Purpose of use of personal information that needs to be disclosed 1. Street. However, <delivery address other than the orderer> is not included.
(3) Disclosure procedures, etc. Regarding the personal information we hold that needs to be disclosed, we will respond promptly to requests for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, use and cessation of provision to third parties. For specific procedures for requesting disclosure (application address, application form, identity verification, etc.), please contact the "Contact Information for Personal Information Inquiry" below.
(4) Related Inquiries and complaints about the handling of personal information For inquiries and complaints about the handling of personal information, please contact the following contact information. 

3. Inquiries about personal information


Email: [email protected]

4. Our Personal Information Protection Officer

MACRO NEO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Office of Information Management Security Measures
We sell electronic parts and sell and maintain PC related parts. In the process of providing these services, we retain a lot of personal information from our business partners and customers (persons). In addition, we process the personal information of our employees when providing our services. Recognizing that personal information is originally the property of individuals, and fully recognizing that we are able to provide our services by processing this information, we are a company-wide individual and we are committed to information protection activities. We will formulate and implement the following personal information protection policies to earn the trust of our business partners and general consumers and contribute to the healthy development of an advanced information society.

1. We will not acquire (acquire) personal information in an improper or illegal manner for the purpose of selling electronic parts, selling/maintaining PC-related parts, and managing (acquiring) our company. We will acquire it in accordance with our acquisition procedures, and we will use and provide it in accordance with monitoring rules to prevent their accidental use.
2. The company recognizes laws and regulations on personal information, norms set by the government and other norms, takes measures that employees can refer to at any time, and updates the revision of laws and norms at any time. I will abide by.
3. In order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information, we will regularly conduct appropriate risk analysis and security measure plan, implement appropriate security measures, and prevent and correct them. ...
4. The company will designate a special person to implement it so as to smoothly handle complaints and consultations about personal information. In addition, we will publish it on our website, brochures, reception, etc. for public understanding, and we will accept correspondence.
5. We will establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve our personal information protection management system, and strive to continuously improve our personal information protection management system.
6. Personal information protection policy consultation and personal information complaint/consultation
7. Contact information (acceptance time: 9:00-18:00 on working days)
8. Manager of MACRO NEO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Information Management Security Countermeasure Office
9. Email: [email protected]

■ Privacy Policy

Personal information of customers who visit this website will not be used without the customer's consent.
However, the cases specified below are not included.
1. When the company is required to disclose by law or a state agency with legal authority.
2. When it is deemed necessary to protect the vital interests of the member's life, health and property.
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■ ID/password management

Please manage your registered member ID, password and other personal information (hereinafter referred to as "account") strictly at your own risk.
The damage caused by poor account management, misuse, use by a third party, etc. is the responsibility of the member himself, and we do not assume any responsibility.
The collective account is for the use of collective members only and is prohibited from being transferred, lent or disclosed to third parties.
If you lose your account or suspend use at your own discretion, please notify us immediately. In the event that your account is found to be being used by a third party, please notify us immediately.

■ Security Policy

This website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a system for encrypting and sending and receiving information on the Internet.
Please enjoy shopping with confidence.
When it comes to online shopping, security is often mentioned, but Macro Neo manages it thoroughly so that customers can shop conveniently and safely.